Tone frequency direction detection ultrasonic sensor's research

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The tone frequency direction detection ultrasonic wave speaker is one kind can have the high directive property to be possible to listen to the sound the installment. Through the ultrasonic wave in the air non-linear correlation, the intelligence signal which the ultrasonic sensor sends out occurs in the air from the demodulation, thus produces low frequency may listen to the sound, and disseminates by the high directional way for the listener. The computation ultrasonic sensor array sends out the sound directing analysis method, this method judges the sound through the computation ultrasonic sensors array sound pressure's size the directivity, simultaneously has studied the array unit integer and the arrangement way to the sound directing influence, in limits the unit integer as far as possible in the foundation, the reasonable array arrangement way may suppress the sound pressure the side lobe, eliminates the grid petal, has the high directional sound.

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